July 25, 2021


The future is CryptoCurrency And Its Here

Free Bitcoins using Bitcoin Miner – Microsoft App

Bitcoin Miner – let your computer earn free Bitcoin!

Another cool way to get free bitcoins albeit small fractions at a time, Satoshis that is, is to use Bitcoin Miner from Microsoft. Its free too! I  Have it running while doing other things on your computer or when I’m cooking or whatever. It’s super easy to use, just enter in your bitcoin wallet address and click start!

To get your Bitcoin wallet address, read this article.

A cryptocurrency miner performs extremely complex and difficult mathematical equations called hashes. Each hash has may mine bitcoins. The more hashes completed, the chances increase bitcoins mined. Joining a mining pool to increases chances of mining and earning bitcoins. Bitcoin miner pool issues payouts weekly if your Satoshis count is at least 5000 Satoshis. If the count is less than 5000 Satoshis in a week, the balance carries forward until you have enough Satoshis and is sent automatically.

The miner is available on PC and on Mobile devices.

Download Bitcoin Miner and start mining Bitcoin today!

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