July 25, 2021


The future is CryptoCurrency And Its Here

Bitcoin Faucets get free cryptocurrency

“How do I get bitcoins for free?”

Cryptocurrecny or Bitcoin faucets are one way you


So, what are Bitcoin faucets and crypotcurrency faucets?

A bitcoin faucet is a reward of free cryptocurrency when a visitor to a website or app completes a certain task the user is rewarded a predetermined amount of free cryptocurrency. The task could be as simple as clicking a CAPTCHA box or rolling dice. If, for example, the faucet was a Bitcoin faucet, the reward would be in Satoshi. One Satishi is hundredth of a millionth BTC.

Each Bitcoin or cryptocurrency faucet has its own set of rules for using the faucet, amount of reward per visit, length of time for a return visit, waiting period for withdrawal, and minimum withdrawal. Some even offer referral programs which payout cryptocurrency for each new user..

Gavin Andresen, created the first Bitcoin faucet in 2010. His faucet gave out 5 bitcoins at one time. Can you imagine that?

I, personally am not a fan of Bitcoin faucets, too much work for so little reward, but go ahead and give them a try.  You won’t make your riches using Bitcoin faucets, unless you find a cryptocurrency faucet rewarding out a coin that goes to the moon in a few years. In the mean time, make it part of your daily routine to visit your favortie Bitcoin or cryptocurrency faucet websites, complete the various tasks on as many cryptocurrency coins as you like or allowed, withdraw when you can and send them to your wallet, you just never know which coin will take you to the moon!

Using faucets to earn free cyrptocurrency is a great way to learn how  to send coins to your wallet

The amounts will be small, sending to the wrong address means you just lost you money. TIP: Always check the last three numbers and the first three numbers of your wallet address when pasting into sending or receiving fields

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