July 25, 2021


The future is CryptoCurrency And Its Here

HTMLCOIN Best Cryptocurrency coin to invest in 2019

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HTMLCOIN has come a long way since first developed


As of this date its  90% complete in it's corporate identity re-branding. The project was called HTML5 in its inception in 2014. In 2017 was renamed HTMLCOIN. 2018 saw a new logo and mascot. The Cryptocurrency HTMLCOIN and its blockchain use secure smart contracts entirely based on Ethereum and the Bitcoin Core Network

HTMLCOIN foundation is currently developing 20 educational games!

iPhone and Android platforms users will be rewarded with HTML while playing these games. 12 games are in actual development with 8 more waiting for development. Check out the list of games here

Exploratory Projects and Accomplishments

HTML has a published whitepaper, with many developed and developing projects such as; eCommerce wordpress plugin, live smartphone wallets, three exciting exploratory projects; next step of eSignature, Reward Tokenization utilizing local governments, businesses store coupons and tickets, and a Animal Breeding Registry.

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HTMLCOIN works on a Proof of Stake, or PoS, in short, the more HTML you have the more reward you get in the form of FREE HTML. The coins are automatically deposited into wallets daily, the amount depends on how much HTMLCOIN in the wallet at the time! Read more on PoS here. As coins are HODL, the amount will grow. Can't get better than that!

My opinion is that the Best Cryptocurrency coin to invest in is HTMLCOIN in 2019.
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HTMLCOIN is listed on the top 100 of Coin Market cap listing of cryptocurrency coins and is listed in 15 cryptocurrency and altcoin exchanges. 

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Total Supply 80,434,575,000 HTML

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