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Beginners Guide Trading CryptoCurrency All you need to know!

Get started Trading CryptoCurrency today!

There are many things you need to learn about Altcoins. Which  CryptoCurrency to trade or invest in is a tricky thing to figure put. I prefer long term investing in cryptocurreancy coins. This is the hold and wait method. In Altcoin trading lingo “HODL” is used. Having said that, I have dabbled in day trading Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins.

The Beginners Guide Trading CryptoCurrency video is here

Getting started with my Beginners Guide To Trading CryptoCurrency is easy. Just follow the steps outlined below to start trading CryptoCurrancy!

  1. QuadrigaCX <– click to register  – In order to start trading you will need to sign up at a CryptoCurrency exchange where you will transfer money from your bank or credit card to the altcoin exchange, then exchange the money into a cryptocurrancy, specifically Etherum ( This reason will be discussed in a another step).
  2. QuadrigaCX has a verification process which can take up to and sometimes longer than three days for approval. This gives you plenty of time for the remaining steps to complete. Watch the video on this page for the set by step process of registering and how to get verified.
  3. Yobit and Binance Exchange <– click to register – These are the two exchanges I do most of my trading on. This is where you will transfer your CryptoCurrancy after you have exchanged it to Etherum. Both of these CryptoCurrency exchanges do NOT require verification. Watch the video on this page, for step by step instructions. To register at other CyrptoCurrency exchanges, click here for my list.
  4. Exodus Wallet Download  – Download a free desktop wallet until you get a physical CryptoCurrancy Wallet


Throughout website I use the terms CryptoCurrance, Altcoins and digital currency. All three terms mean the same.