YouTube Black Screen Fix

 YouTube black screen fix

If you are looking at this page you probably have a black screen error with audio only on the Youtube video you want to watching. It happens from time to time and from what I have found out no one really knows why. Watch this short 2 minute YouTube black screen fix video I put together. I had been watching Youtube videos on my laptop for a ages and never had a black screen. One day the cursed black screen showed up. I thought I must have hit some setting accidentally. SO after a while, tinkering with all sorts of settings I managed to figured it out. I still don’t know what  causes the black screen, much less if the problem rests with YouTube of if its a browser issue. I wasn’t able to find any official comment from YouTube regarding the black screen but as the post title says I do have a YouTube Black Screen Fix 🙂 If you fixed the YouTube black screen another way post it below in comments, lets start a conversation! Dont forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!