Why is raising minimum wage In Alberta hard

The fight Against Raising Minimum Wage in Alberta

Chris rock said it best when, in the video clip he tells what your employer is trying to say if you are paid minimum-wage and that is; if you could be paid less you would be paid less, but it’s illegal. The delivery is much better in the video.

I understand the cost of running a business, it’s not easy and is expensive, part of that cost are employees without them the business wouldn’t survive. I owned a small business and always paid my employees a decent living wage, you have too!  It’s just that simple!

Everyone deserves to earn a living wage

Who, serisouly can live on  $10.20 per hour. I was shocked to learned if you serve liquor, the minimum wage is even less than that at $9.20.

Chris DeCock, President and co-founder of Hudsons Tap House brings arguments against raising minimum wage In Alberta or at least delaying the increase or from what I can gather he’d like the increase a lot smaller and further apart.. Why would he want to do that? In my opinion it always boils down to the bottom line and that is profit. Chris DeCock was interviewed on CBC radio today he sited the economic climate doesn’t reflect the need  or warrant raising the minimum wage In Alberta. If we were to use that statement, I’d like to ask him how many wage increases were given to his staff when things were booming? If we were having this discussion in boom time I have a feeling we would still be hearing reasons why we shouldn’t increase or delay raising minimum wage In Alberta The full interview can be at the CBC.

I go out to eat, I wait in line at restaurants. The restaurants are packed with customers. He also sites that these restaurant workers make tips. I know what he is getting at but  as far as I’m concerned tips are excuse for restaurant owners to pay their staff minimum wage. Please don’t get me wrong I do tip and I do too well. If hospitality workers were paid a living wage, customers could actually be tipping for good service rather than subsidizing the wage of the hospitality workers that should be paid by the company.

The money has to come from somewhere, the consumer will do that. The amount the wage increase would really amount to a dollar or two per entree, considering the number of tables served per hour.


When you get down to it, a living wage is far greater than $15 an hour nowadays. When you consider rent, food, utilities and transportation costs that far exceeds $15 an hour. But I guess we need to start somewhere. I’m happy to see Rachel Notely and the NDP taking a stand for low income Albertans and raising minimum wage.

The follow is an except from Action on Poverty

Why is Working Not Enough? The majority of people living in poverty are working full-time and full year The poverty line in Alberta for 1 person is: $19,930 after taxes The poverty line in Alberta for a family of four is $39,860 after taxes An Albertan earning minimum wage and working full-time will earn 18,007 after taxes, $1,923 less than the poverty line Women earn 68 cents on the dollar compared to men, the largest gender gap in CanadaAction To End Poverty

What do you think on the debate of raising minimum wage In Alberta ? Please share your comments below. Lets start a conversation!

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