Tongue Prints Every Persons Unique Identifier

It’s well known that we humans have unique fingerprints but did you know we humans also have unique tongue prints?

According to Chinese records, way before finger prints or tongue prints thought of, hand prints were used in the Qin and Han Dynasties in the 200 BC era. Hand prints were used as a way of of proving burglary. Since then

Tongue Prints Every Persons Unique Identifierthere have numerous people could be given credit to what finger printing and the forensics behind it. By the turn of the nineteenth century technology had become such that using finger prints was the latest thing in law enforcement thanks to Sir William Herschel  who wrote to his cousin Henry Faulds, well he started the ball rolling.  (A lot of cousins became involved here.) henry then contacts His cousin Charles Darwin declined to help but did sent  a request to his cousin Sir Francis Galton.

Well that’s a tiny lesson in where finger printing started, I mean I couldn’t write about tongue prints if I didn’t mention finger prints, right?

Your tongue really is an awesome part of your body. No only does it have taste buds to savor delicious food orEvery Human - Unique Identifiable Tongue Prints potentially dangerous food, in which case it’s probably to late already. Each of  have
prints Uniquely Identifiable Tongue Prints. Thats all we need, something else governments can use to track us. I don’t think tongue prints will be inked. Currently 3-D scanner  is being developed to scan your tongue prints.


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