Prometheus 2 Paradise – Official Trailer 2016

Prometheus 2 Paradise

Although I wasn’t completely taken back with the first installment of the Prometheus series, I’m still looking forward to the second installment, Prometheus 2 debuting March 4 2016. The first movie left me with a, eh coulda been so much more feeling at the end of it. Maybe that was it, I just wanted more! I think there should have more scenes with the creators, yeah, maybe that is it. Well what ever it was I’ll get my chance to feel satisfied when Prometheus 2 paradise comes onto the big screen. I’ll post my review at the bottom of this page after I’ve seen the movie. Watch the he original Prometheus Trailer here.


I found a Conspiracy theory about Prometheus and the Illuminati Watch it here

Let me know what your thoughts were on the first movie, Post them below 🙂 Lets Start A conversation!





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