My Natural Cold Remedy – How I survive a cold

Winter time goes viral. Yes, because of colds! My Natural cold remedy is the answer!

How I survive a cold - My Natural Cold Remedy

I thought I was a superhuman enveloped in an armoury of antioxidants. Before eyebrows start to rise, let me explain myself further. I don’t remember the last time I caught a cold or flu before this recent one. The only time I went to a hospital was 10 years ago, when a nodule on my Left lung was seen during a routine chest x-ray. Now, that’s a totally different story. Let’s go back to the nasty cold. For many, a cold is a normal thing they get every year. For some, it rarely becomes a visit to a doctor’s office or pharmacy. For me, I just recovered from it a few weeks ago, and it was brutal! I was forever friends with my facial tissue due to the endless blowing of my runny nose, not to mention the sneezes. My outer nose was sore and red from the friction. Headache was a constant companion. I just wanted to lie in bed and be spoiled by my husband for “I am sick, right?” So, I started to put my natural cold remedy ingredients we had at home to the test!

My Natural cold Remedy:

 Herbal Supplements

First on my list were Echinacea (Echinacea Purpurea in particular) and Oil of OreganoWhat we have handy was the one from Global Healing Center. I have tried Joy of the Mountains Oil of Oregano, and I would say it’s potent and effective as well. I took about 6-8 drops of oil of Oregano in a veggie capsules three times a day for about a week.  When you choose Echinacea, please keep in mind that you can only take it for a maximum of 2 weeks then give it a rest.

Probiotics and Antioxidants

Moreover, don’t forget to perk up your immune system. I supplemented myself with a daily dose of Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 peach flavour every morning. This is a complete source of multivitamins and mineral, as well as antioxidants.  Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 peach also has pre and probiotics which are essential for the gut flora, most especially when you are treating an infection. In addition, eat and drink healthily! A cup of warm tea of your choice with a bit of honey thrice daily is beneficial. 

My Natural cold Remedy:  Salt Bath and Essential Oils

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