Napster is back, only in Canada you say?

Napster is back but only in Canada!

Napster is back offering music within Canada only but this time it’s all legal. In 2011, it’s new owner, Rhapsody form the United States. Rhapsody quietly shut down Napsters streaming service, presumable to offer Rhapsody instead. I wasn’t aware Napster even existed after music sharing had the breaks put to the floor. 2015 rolls along and Rhapsody launches a music streaming service named, well you guessed it, Napster.

Napster Canada Streaming will cost $9.99 a month, with the first three months at $1.

It looks like there are plenty of music streaming services available to choose from with virtually the same subscription rates. Lets not for get about the countless numbers of music radio sites out there.. What can Napster offer that is different  or better than the others? What can the others offer that is better than Napster?

I’ve listed a few of the major music streaming site

Apple Music

What Music Streaming service do you use?

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