My Quest For The Bikini Body

READ – Week one of Anonymous Moms Bikini Rebellion Challange

Last night I joined the Bikini Rebellion.

Neghar Fonooni has a blog that a friend from work suggested I look at and I joined the two week Bikini Rebellion with her.  The theme is: the secret to getting a Bikini Body is to actually put a bikini on your body.  Simple words but hard to do.  I am thinking I will start small with something like The One Piece Bathing Suit Rebellion or The Shorts Rebellion. This is going to be made possible by empowering, respecting, and loving the body I am in.

Now, I do not always hate this body but for the most part I am simply disappointed in it.  Has it let me down or have I let it down?  Who is actually in charge here? Intellectually, I know we should love ourselves but how does one go about changing feelings on something that are so ingrained.

Somewhere along the way it was suggested that I wasn’t quite up to snuff.  A high school boyfriend told me I needed to lose weight.  He came right out and said it. “You should lose weight!”  He was even helpful enough to demonstrate a type of exercise that would trim down my hips.  At that point in time I was 145lbs on a 5’9” frame which I know now was a very reasonable weight but at seventeen I didn’t think so, not when a lot of my friends weighed far less.  For some reason the fact that I was half a foot taller than most of them didn’t seem to factor infor me.

Honestly, I am uncomfortable with this self-love movement.  It seems a bit self-absorbed in a way that goes against the way I was raised.  There was a lot of shaming that went on when I was growing up about women who spent time on themselves.  Women who worked out or painted their nails or even read a book obviously had too much time on their hands.   Clearly it wasn’t just past boyfriends who did a number on my psyche.

The how and why of how I ended up here is easy to figure out but what I am interested in now is how to stop the negative self-talk and self-destructive behavior.  I’ve had what I considered success with my weight and fitness level but I always end up stopping and undoing whatever good was being done.  I am now considering the idea that if I can try all the fad diets at least once perhaps I can try this love and acceptance thing.

My Quest For The Bikini Body

– Anonymous Mom
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What do you think about the Bikini Body rebellion? Comments are greatly appreciated, post yours below. Lets Start a conversation!

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