Lose Weight Eating Chocolate

Lose Weight Eating Chocolate! 

There  have been and are many diets out there and still more new diets to come. Some are just

lose weight eating chocolate
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plain crazy. Did you hear about the cabbage diet? It’s amazing what we will put ourselves through to lose a few inches around the waist. Now, what if you could use an all natural Appetite suppressant that won’t harm you? would you use it? lose weight Eating chocolate, Cacao to be more precis!

Cacao has MAO inhibitors that suppress appetite. Drink a hot cup of Cacao 10 to 15 minutes before you sit down for a meal. Not only will you eat less, you’ll load yourself up with powerful antioxidants!


Lose weight eating Chocolate diet:

Place 1 teaspoon of Cacao into a cup of hot milk or water

Tip: use a non dairy milk like almond, rice or coconut, cows milk hinders the bodies ability to adsorb antioxidants from Cacao

Like anything else that is a good thing, sometimes they come with warnings. This one, for Cacao is to not consume more than 4 teaspoons of Cacao daily. MAO’s in Cacao release more serotonin stimulating he brain, like my Grandpappy used to say, too much stimulation ain’t good son.

Always check in with your doctor before trying a new diet.

Check out this video with David Wolfe, the super food guru, talking about the Cacao bean