Loose Truck Wheel Nuts Nearly kill Woman – Caught on CCTV

Loose truck wheel nuts kill!

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Every year, world wide, ten’s of thousands of loose truck wheel nuts are the cause of property damage, personal injury and death. Most often loose truck wheel nuts are found after a wheel has been replaced due to a tire failure. In many companies with a fleet of cars, trucks, trailers and heavy equipment it is standard operating procedure to have any wheel re-torqued within 100 km or a specified number of days, usually 5, whichever comes first after a wheel replacement.

It is also standard practice to install wheel nut indicators after the wheel has been re-torqued. wloose truck wheel nutsheel nut indicators allow for a clear visual inspection of any loose truck wheel nuts by the equipment operator. Although wheel indicators are installed, the operator must still  physically attempt to turn each nut to ensure no movement of the nuts

This picture shows wheel indicators in their proper position, visually indicating the nuts are have not moved. It is law for Loose truck wheel nutsall operators of commercial equipment complete a pre-trip inspection of the vehicle about to be operated. Checking nut tightness and wheel indicator position is among the items to check. Failure to check all items will result in a fine or taking the vehicle out of service by commercial vehicle inspection service..


The following picture shows loose truck wheel nuts. Notice the position of the wheel indicators. OneLoose truck wheel nuts is pointing outward and one inward, those wheel indicators would indicate loose truck wheel nuts. The truck should be taken out of service and service personnel called.


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