Illuminati Prometheus Conspiracy – Movie Trailer 2015

Illuminati Prometheus Conspiracy

I came cross this video while searching for the Movie trailer of Prometheus 2 coming out in May of 2016. While I’m not up on all conspiracy theories out there, I do find them intriguing sometimes. I never imagined there was a Illuminati Prometheus Conspiracy. So now I have to ask myself if there is something to Illuminati Prometheus Conspiracy. You know what they say about gossip and rumors, a tiny bit of the whats being talked about is actually true? I wonder if Alex Jones has it right or some part of it right and the Illuminati are out to get us Prometheus style.
With the number of conspiracies out there, how many are actually found out to be true? It seems like anything can be made into a conspiracy. The conspiracy themselves, like the Illuminati Prometheus Conspiracy have no proof , only propaganda. He said/she said and from the guy who just so happens to be dead.

I’m not sure why conspiracy theories grab my attention. Maybe its the unknown. The need for something new. Maybe that there is so much secrecy within government and corporations that some of the conspiracies must be true. Whatever it is, there are millions of people who believe not all is what it appears to be.

For the actual Trail of Prometheus 2 Click here

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