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Guru Restaurant Review

And my thoughts on what sharing a meal with someone means to me

Guru Restaurant review
Guru Restaurant

My Guru Restaurant Review starts with my friends Tim and Arlene. I don’t get to visit with Tim and Arlene as much as I’d like to, as they live out of town. So when they do come into Edmonton to shop and replenish their organic food
supplies we usually plan to have a meal together, lunch or supper depending on our schedules. This past Saturday was one such occasion and lunch was our appointed meal time. We decided to give our taste buds some Indian food. Arlene read a few on-line reviews about Guru restaurant located in the west end.  The reviews were all favourable so that’s where we planted ourselves to visit and bond. 

After all, isn’t bonding what we do when sharing a meal with someone?

Whether sharing a meal with a lover, friend, family member, business associate, co-worker or complete stranger a bond is forged and perhaps making an existing bond stronger.

The bond begins

Just imagine way back, when food was hunted, gathered and scarce. That food would have been protected; maybe even eaten right away. You kept in your circle, away from outsiders. Now imagine communicating on a superficial way to feel things out, then perhaps inviting someone new into your circle to share a meal. That must have been an incredible amount of trust.

Times have changed, we don’t hunt and gather as much unless you count going to the grocery store for meat and berries as a hunt. On more than one occasion that was the case for me. One can not always find Kale! One thing that has not changed, the trust given to someone when letting them in your circle to break bread. Next time you invite someone to your table think about the bonding happening at your table and how important that bond is. You are not just filling your grumbling stomach!

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