Fire truck pushes police car out of way & a BMW!

Fire truck pushes police car out of the way to get to a fire!

(Video below article)

I wonder how often this kind of think actually happens? I’ve
heard of stories where car windows have been smashed open
so a fire hose can reach a fire hydrant but never seen it.

It would have been something to see the cops expression once he realized that the fire truck was pushing  his police car. Lets not forget about the other side of the fire truck. I wonder how many times a Fire truck pushes police car to get to a fire?

According to some fire fighters I know, Fire fighters can’t arbitrarily crash into cars or gates to get to the emergency. For instance if a child is in a locked car on a hot day the firemen would be allowed to break the glass window of a car to save a child but not use the jaws of life to open the door, there would have to be some circumstance to justify using them. I’ve never seen a fire truck smash through a gate or take out a car either.  

Fire Fighters must also follow strict legislation and department policy to what they can and can’t do. I suppose each incident would be different and the need to damage property would reflect the circumstance. I would guess the driver of this fire truck had permission from his captain to use the Fire truck pushes police car out of the way to get to a fire, but that’s just my guess, circumstances, remember.

If you have had an experience or have been a witness while a Fire truck pushes police car, breaks windows in car to pass the hose to a hydrant, please let us know by commenting below the video, Lets start a conversation!