Disable location tracking feature inside iPhones

 Disable location tracking feature inside iPhones.

(Video tutorial below article)

Did you know your iPhone tracks and logs your every movement? Not only that it stores this information for years. Disable location tracking feature inside iPhonesiPhones track and log where you have been, how long and how often! I’ll show you how to Disable location tracking feature inside iPhones.

Disable location tracking feature inside iPhones now! Watch this short 2 minute video tutorial.


I wasn’t able to find much, anywhere on apple’s website about the reason for location tracking, other than on it’s privacy policy page. Its location is 5 levels deep in the settings tab in your iPhone. It isn’t the easiest setting to find and you probably wouldn’t come across it, if you weren’t looking for location tacking that is.


This kind of tracking should be set by default to Disable location tracking feature when the iPhone is set up. I find this tracking very intrusive to privacy.


Big data doesn’t need to know everything about us, do they?

This feature makes sense if you need or want to track you child’s or workers whereabouts. It’s also a great tool for law enforcement. All they  need to do is check your phone to see if indeed you were where you said you were or not.



I don’t know which way I’m leaning on this, is the location tracking a way to sell data so that companies can market their goods and services to us, or is it a simple ploy to actually spy on us all? Either way its creepy and unsettling.


Knowledge is power.  My question to you is. Are we giving up our freedoms one tech gadget at a time? Tell us how do you feel? Comment below, lets start a conversation! 🙂